Danielle Belleny

Wildlife Biologist, Author

A Junior Birder's Handbook : A Kid's Guide to Birdwatching

A beautifully illustrated kid's guide to birds and their habitats, perfect for budding birders whether you live in a city, suburb, or rural area. Featuring Michelle Carlos's vibrant illustrations, this gorgeous (and gifty) book includes interactive elements like quizzes and crafts, as well as accessible charts/guides that will lead to endless fun! Available wherever books are sold.

This Is A Book For People Who Love Birds

For seasoned spotters and backyard hobbyists alike, this charming guide offers an accessible look at the irresistible world of birding. The book, 500-piece puzzle, and wooden magnet set are available wherever books are sold.

Birding Anywhere

In her free time, Danielle enjoys nature watching in overlooked, everyday places. Other work by Danielle centers the ecological importance of cemeteries and encourages a shift in North American death culture. Her writings can be found in Birding and Vermilion Flycatcher. Read them using the links below.

Cemetery Birders Club

An unofficial club for bird-lovers and cemetery-wanderers alike. Looking to join? Go birding in a cemetery and you're in! See photos and musings from members using #CemeteryBirdersClub


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